Tuesday, 8 December 2015

'Foxlake' has arrived at Fannie and Fox

'Merry Christmas to all from the Fannie & Fox artists'
We thought you might like to see some photo's of our stunning Christmas window..
 Rebecca Sims headed the 'window' team and the rest of us helped.. 
Well did as we were asked/told to be honest.
 The fox is made from papier mache although you would never believe it.. It is covered in the most beautiful glitter and sparkles beautifully in the lights..
 The Gallery is full of new and exciting work perfect for that 'special' Christmas gift you've been looking for. 
 And in the evening as you walk or drive past there is a little fox dancing in our window amongst a winter forest... So come along to 7 Broad Street, Penryn this Christmas time and visit our amazing gallery.

'Happy New year' 
To all customers and friendsLove from all of the Fannie & Fox artists.x

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Workshops at the Fannie & Fox Gallery...

The artists at  the 'Fannie & Fox' Gallery
...Are delighted to invite you to their workshops at the end of November. 

Come along learn a new craft, drink tea, eat cake make some new friends.

No Solder silver earrings with Amanda Rawling 11 - 3pm - £40 - Full

Ceramic Figure Making with Jan Thomas - 10-12.30pm - £25- Places available

Hand Stitched Sketchbooks with Elizabeth Perry - 10-12.30pm -£25 - Places available

Recycled Jewellery Workshop with Sas Joyce -10-3pm- £40 - Places available

Colourful Collage Christmas Cards with Laura Menzies -10-12.30pm - £25 - Places available

Natural Dying with Irene Griffin -10-4pm - £50 - Places available

Foam Printmaking with Julie Howe 10-12.30pm - £25 - Places available

Creative paintings from Photographs with Julie Howe 10-12.30pm - £25 - Places available

If your interested in any of the workshops and want more information or want to book email the artists.. email addresses are on the poster above.

Hope you can join us ~ Julie.

Monday, 19 October 2015

New window display at Fanny & Fox

Our new window display has a very Autumnal feeling about it.

We all had input on this particular window in one way or another.

Keri and I collected the willow which was kindly donated by Penryn high school garden. Pam cut down a tree and drove it to the gallery with it poking out of her sun roof, what a sight that must have been. 

We are all particularly pleased with our fox and moon.. We couldn't decide at one stage whether to cover it in coloured tissue or paint it.. We are so happy that we decided to leave well alone, it could have all gone a bit wrong..

The re hang will happen soon, I will post updates soon..

Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Journey...

With all that's been happening in this crazy world of ours and the plight of many Pam Tongue came up with a brilliant idea.
The idea  is to make small clay figures whilst we share conversations on how the town of Penryn can to unite and reach out and help the refugees fleeing from the devastation and horror in their native countries.

To link Pam Tongues idea there is on  view at the Fannie & Fox gallery is an thought provoking installation of work.

'A Common Thread'
Julie Howe

'A Common Thread' is about the imperceptible links that join us all.

The analogy between the dolls and humans? We may all look different on the outside underneath we are all vulnerable.

It begun with a simple pattern made from a cereal box cut out in calico and stitched. Each 'doll' started with the same pattern but their own DNA, stretched and altered, evolving as they were made. One 'doll' led to another and became this installation of 108 pieces.

This work was started in despair and ended in the reassuring knowledge that we are all linked in some way by 'A Common Thread'. We are all the same.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Willow, bamboo and a lot of sticky tape.. A new window in progress

This week at Fannie & Fox  in the downstairs studio we have had the first of our 3 planned sessions to work on the construction of our new autumn window..
Any clues to what it is yet?
We have been kindly given some willow and robbed our gardens of bamboo canes..
Amanda and Liz in full swing..

And we have been working in a true team fashion to begin making a.... 
What else could it be?
Amanda, Julie and Liz working hard.. Or maybe posing for a photo..

More updates as we progress and news of an exciting competition we will be running in conjunction with the launch of the new exhibition and window display..
We also had a visitor a 16 year old little lady called Pelle.. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A very warm welcome to Mick Dobie, Dee Frost and an update on our lovely Megan Clarke.

We have been having a change around in the gallery.
Lots of new work and guest artists.. So exciting.. 
'Feeding frenzie' by Mick Dobie
Mick Dobie is one of our exciting new guest artists.. 
He says.. 'I’ve become captivated by the Cornish landscape and seascape since moving here 10 years ago to study Fine Art at Falmouth'. 

We are delighted to announce that Dee Frost  has joined the 'Fannie & Fox' family to become one of our associate artists, her jewelry is very special and has a unique quirky edge to it..
Megan update...
After her successful exhibition at Howl Coffee House in Penryn our associate artist Megan Clarke has been featured with her darling Grumbledad in Oh Comely magazine. We have lots of Megan's wonderful prints, cards and ceramics in the gallery

... and now the little foxes arrived.. 
For sale at the Fannie & Fox gallery
 £24 each.. some even have their 'bit's and bobs' intact.. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fannie and Fox 'Summer Show'...

 First photo's from the latest show at Fannie and Fox.. Much more to follow...
 The lovely rustic quality of Pam Tongue's and Megan Clarke's Ceramics..
 The delicate porcelain jugs and bowls of Frances Sas Spice, Julie Howe's oil paintings and ceramic tiles.. A delightful piece of Amanda Rawling's handcrafted copper work on the far left..Peeping on the right is work by Keri Valentine..
Close up of one of Julie Howe's 'Talking heads'.
Rebecca Sims amazing magical theatres.

 More pictures soon..

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Fannie & Fox are on the road..

We have an exhibition of our work in Falmouth's Event Square
From left to right
Lynne Devey, paintings, Liz Perry Prints.
Liz Perry, paintings
 Julie Howe, paintings
From bottom to top... 
Rebecca Simms, light boxes.  Liz Perry, prints. Lynne Devey, paintings.
Pam Tongue, glass.
Left to right... Pam Tongue, glass. Julie Howe, paintings.Laura Menzies, paintings
Left to right... Liz Perry, painting, Laura Menzies, painting, Sas Spice, giclee prints, Liz Perry, mixed media painting.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Spring Show at Fannie & Fox

Come along and meet the artists, Friday 20th March from 5 - 8 pm.

Lots and lots of new work plus a chance to see the new amazing window which is on the theme of recycling, new growth and of course Fannie and Fox have its own unique twist on the theme...

I also wanted to tell you about....

Our lovely Pam  hands over our Fannie and Fox donation to Penhaligons Friends..  

Pam Tongue handing over the £100 cheque from our January Sales to Penhaligons Friends. A wonderful charity based in Cornwall which gives support to bereaved children and their families..

Hurrah for Fannie & Fox, hurrah for Penhaligons Friends.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

SALE at FANNIE & FOX....and another little surprise..

Yes it's that time of year.. Sale time...
Fannie & Fox is having one too... Hurrah! Hurrah! I hear you call.. 

Well my lovelies we are... 
There is 10% off all work (Some art work is reduced by up to 50%)  
+ All artists are donating a further 10% to Penhaligons Friends
Which is a Cornish charity supporting bereaved children, young people, parents and carers throughout the county.
Our address just in case you have forgotten..
Fannie & Fox
No.7 Broad Street
TR11 8JL

Our other exciting news is.. 

Ta.. Da.. We will be running workshops.. 
So come along and learn a new skill, or maybe start a new career.. Who knows who you might meet and what it all might lead too.. 
If you are interested in any of the courses....
 Just send us a message 
email -  fannieand fox@live.co.uk