Thursday, 30 October 2014

My day with Fannie and Fox..

As I left Falmouth on the train the fog horns were sounding, just as they are this morning.. 
I like the noise, such a simple sound to keep one safe..
So, here I was at the gallery thinking it would be very quiet due to the inclement weather.
Organised for once, I took paints, brushes and a couple of small canvases that I'd started the previous day and started work. (notice my improvised water container..)  I think people must have been curious because I had several people come in to see what on earth I was up to..
Needless to say I didn't get a lot done but I did have some very interesting conversations.

.. One conversation was about sound and a recent radio 2 program with Claire Balding, apparently it's about music and healing on a Saturday mornings.

This got me thinking.. Not really a good idea one might say, but, my question is..

Could I transfer sound into my work?

Which leads me back to the lighthouse in Falmouth sounding the fog horns as I sit and type this blog..

Have a good day everyone.. ~ Julie.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ta da! The Autumn Exhibition at Fannie and Fox

My... Oh,  my.. It was raining bats and frogs...
Not that a little wind and rain can deter the fine folk of Cornwall.
So many lovely people came to see us, it was a joy and we all had a ball..
The window looked fantastic, despite worrying myself silly about it. So here is just a sample of the amazing work that was on show.
Rebecca Sims                        Zenna Tagney
Victoria Pond                             Pam Tongue
Julie Howe                                Elizabeth Perry
The private view comes to an end and it's time to reflect..