Thursday, 11 September 2014

Well here we go... On a Co-operative journey... 1st post...

Here goes...  I have been chosen/invited to join the Co-op.. Ha!!  Yes, it is the Co-op. But not as you know it.. An artists Co-op set up by an amazing lady called Pam Tongue, more about the amazing Pam soon.
I would like to invite you to join me, on a journey with Fannie and Fox, a Gallery run as a Co-Operative in Penryn, Cornwall.  My idea is to write a blog about my adventures with the other artists at Fannie & Fox and this is my very first post.  I expect the layout will change as I rack my brain on how to play around and make it better, It's been years since I set up my last one so please bare with me..

My plan is to show you around the gallery, I will introduce you to the other artists and show you their work.. I'm also hoping that they will invite me to their studio's to take a little peek and take a few photo's for the blog. (How I love an artists studio).. 

The blog will be a warts and all blog. So, good times will be recorded along with the not so good times too.. The ups and downs of working with a lot of creative women should be an interesting read. I hope!

Also in the mix I will show you my new work that is going in the gallery and perhaps a peek or two at other galleries in Penryn, Falmouth and the local area.. Meeting other artists as we go..
 Here are a few of the pieces I have put into the gallery.


  1. I'm on board! Wishing you many sails and no stormy waters xx

  2. We are following too! Really excited about reading more from one of the towns fab creative community! Best of luck on your journey - Pip (visit Penryn)

  3. Thanks guys, the more the merrier.. I'm looking forward to where the wind takes me.

  4. I'll be happy to follow along on this most exciting journey.


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