Friday, 19 September 2014

Focus on the artists......

This is the first of my 'focus' on the artists posts, as the weeks go by I will introduce you to all of the other members... We start with Pam, she is the owner of the gallery and a member of the co-op. 

She says...I approach my work in an instinctual way and my work evolves organically. I began this creative journey having retired after years of working as a midwife. It is probably no surprise that my work is often rounded and tactile.
I am by nature optimistic, spontaneous and incredibly impatient.  I get engrossed in what I do and work impulsively. Having an interest in rites of passage, I feel my work connects with the past, the present, and the future.  I would describe my work as primitive, raw and naive, delivered with a dash of humour.
Following my two years at Camborne College, I wanted to further explore my experience of working with fused glass. In addition, I also love working with ceramics, and plan to try and integrate the two mediums, and methods, in the future.
I also produce Felt work. I include some images of Felt Urns I have produced to hold Ashes. They are bio-degradable, and therefore provide an eco-friendly option if Ashes are to be buried.

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