Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Journey...

With all that's been happening in this crazy world of ours and the plight of many Pam Tongue came up with a brilliant idea.
The idea  is to make small clay figures whilst we share conversations on how the town of Penryn can to unite and reach out and help the refugees fleeing from the devastation and horror in their native countries.

To link Pam Tongues idea there is on  view at the Fannie & Fox gallery is an thought provoking installation of work.

'A Common Thread'
Julie Howe

'A Common Thread' is about the imperceptible links that join us all.

The analogy between the dolls and humans? We may all look different on the outside underneath we are all vulnerable.

It begun with a simple pattern made from a cereal box cut out in calico and stitched. Each 'doll' started with the same pattern but their own DNA, stretched and altered, evolving as they were made. One 'doll' led to another and became this installation of 108 pieces.

This work was started in despair and ended in the reassuring knowledge that we are all linked in some way by 'A Common Thread'. We are all the same.

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