Thursday, 30 October 2014

My day with Fannie and Fox..

As I left Falmouth on the train the fog horns were sounding, just as they are this morning.. 
I like the noise, such a simple sound to keep one safe..
So, here I was at the gallery thinking it would be very quiet due to the inclement weather.
Organised for once, I took paints, brushes and a couple of small canvases that I'd started the previous day and started work. (notice my improvised water container..)  I think people must have been curious because I had several people come in to see what on earth I was up to..
Needless to say I didn't get a lot done but I did have some very interesting conversations.

.. One conversation was about sound and a recent radio 2 program with Claire Balding, apparently it's about music and healing on a Saturday mornings.

This got me thinking.. Not really a good idea one might say, but, my question is..

Could I transfer sound into my work?

Which leads me back to the lighthouse in Falmouth sounding the fog horns as I sit and type this blog..

Have a good day everyone.. ~ Julie.

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  1. Well done, I bet you had a wonderful time! Hope all are doing good. Luv n hugs xxx


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